How to perform an Exceed™ medical microneedling treatment

Author: Alana Goldhaber, Senior Clinical Specialist, Candela

In this post, we are going to learn how, with proper training, an Exceed medical microneedling device treatment can be performed. This affordable and easy-to-use device can deliver a high return on investment to your growing practice.

What is microneedling?

Also known as percutaneous collagen induction (PCI) or collagen induction therapy (CIT), microneedling is a minimally invasive, skin-perfecting procedure that stimulates the creation of new collagen. There are three types of microneedling devices:

  1. Manual, such as dermal rollers
  2. Mechanical, which includes medical and cosmetic devices
  3. Energy based

The Exceed™ device is the first FDA-cleared, dual-indicated medical microneedling system.1,2 It is intended for the treatment of facial wrinkles and facial acne scar reduction. With proper training, treatment with the Exceed device is a relatively seamless process.

How to perform a treatment

Begin by applying SupraGel™ (or an equivalent sterile hydrogel) to assist with needle movement over the skin and to prevent unwanted friction or dragging during the treatment.

Turn on the control unit by depressing the power button. The screen will display a warning accompanied by an audible beep. This warning will notify the user that the needle cartridge is for single use only and should be discarded immediately following treatment.

Adjust the needle frequency pushing the arrow buttons on the control unit. For each new patient, you will begin with an initial needle frequency of 100 Hz.

Now, adjust the needle depth. Turn the dial on the handpiece to select the initial needle protrusion depth. Always reference the treatment parameters outlined in the Exceed user manual.

Now it’s time to perform the treatment. Work in small, dime-sized, circular motions—ensuring perpendicular needle penetration—until pinpoint bleeding is achieved over the entire treatment area.

Pinpoint bleeding is an indicator that the correct needle depth has been achieved. It is through pinpoint bleeding that we are able to trigger the wound-healing cascade response that leads to the formation of new collagen.

During treatment, adjust the needle protrusion depth and frequency until pinpoint bleeding is achieved. Needle protrusion depth and frequency must be adjusted based on the Provider’s assessment of individual tissue response and clinical endpoint Once pinpoint bleeding is achieved, move to the next treatment area and repeat steps to complete the procedure in all areas assessed for treatment.

Most treatments are complete in under an hour – from patient preparation to actual treatment time.

Treatment Tips

  • The needle protrusion depth and frequency do not necessarily need to be adjusted simultaneously.
  • If upon assessment the Provider does not observe the desired clinical endpoint of pinpoint bleeding, consider adjusting the needle protrusion depth first, before adjusting the frequency.

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1. FDA cleared, K180778.
2. FDA cleared, K182407.