Facing melasma with PicoWay® laser

Facing melasma

Let’s face it. Treating melasma is complicated. But, with the PicoWay picosecond laser, it doesn’t have to be.

With its ultra-short pulse durations and photoacoustic technology, the PicoWay laser offers a new way to face melasma.1,2 Using a low-thermal method to break down excess skin pigment, the PicoWay laser is an ideal approach for darker skin types who often experience this challenging skin condition.3 In addition to its existing clearances for treating benign pigmented lesions, acne scars, wrinkles, and tattoo removal, the PicoWay laser is now also FDA-indicated to treat Melasma, Lentigines, Nevus of Ota, and Café au Lait Macules.1-2

PicoWay melasma treatment An investigator-initiated clinical study in the treatment of melasma was conducted by Principal Investigator Eric F. Bernstein, M.D. of Main Line Center for Laser Surgery in Ardmore, PA.1 Twenty healthy adults (18 females, 2 males) with a clinical diagnosis of melasma were enrolled and received four monthly PicoWay Resolve 1064 nm treatments. Subjects were assessed before each treatment and at the 3- and 8-month follow-ups after the final treatment. Modified melasma area and severity index (mMASI) scores were determined by the study investigator based on clinical photography. The average mMASI score showed highly significant reduction at both the 3- and 8-month follow-ups compared to baseline (P<0.01).

Most subjects (90%) were satisfied with the treatment outcome. Treatments were well tolerated, and there were no device-related adverse events. Additionally, a literature search identified 70 subjects treated for melasma, using the PicoWay Zoom 532 nm, Zoom 1064 nm and/or Resolve 1064 nm laser handpieces. A series of 3-9 treatments achieved 50% - 74% improvement in pigment clearance and statistically significant reduction of mMASI scores at 3-9 months of follow-up.1-2,4-6

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