Candela APAC's service commitment

Going beyond troubleshooting – establishing a strategic partnership

Candela APAC

For clinics, creating a great brand means nurturing trust between patients and therapists. A key part of this trust is built on reliable tools.

But investing in innovative medical equipment is a big commitment. They cost a significant amount of money, and even short downtimes could hurt your practice. With unreliable machines, you stand to lose clients’ trust and potential revenues.

To ensure safe and consistent care for your patients, go with device manufacturers that will be by your side even post-purchase.

A big part of Candela’s Service Commitment1 to its customers is the promise of high-quality, consistent, and responsive customer service. It provides access to technical support and certified field service engineers, as well as flexible service agreements and preventative maintenance plans.

We consider our Candela Field Service Engineers to be a part of our team. Someone is always here when I need them. Dr. Tong, Hong Kong

Candela’s promise to clinicians

Technical support representatives are your first line of help and the quickest way to troubleshoot. These representatives can remediate most challenges. If they’re unable to solve a problem, Candela sends a certified field service engineer. Appointment schedules with engineers are flexible, and Candela makes sure to respect your clinic’s schedule to minimize potential disruptions.

If a device needs to be sent to Candela’s factory service location, qualified technicians quickly and accurately diagnose and repair it using only genuine Candela parts. They then make sure that the device is fully functional and back to its original manufacturer specifications before it is promptly returned.

This is one of the benefits of having your device repaired by its manufacturer: nobody knows the ins and outs of a complex machine better than the company that made it, and you can be sure that any replacement parts will be compatible. The fact that the manufacturer happens to understand how crucial it is to your clinic’s operations that repairs are done quickly is another great advantage.

Flexible service agreements and preventative maintenance plans

The adage, “prevention is better than cure,” is true for a lot of things, including medical equipment. By being proactive about keeping your devices in tip-top shape, you can avoid costly downtimes, poor clinical results, and subpar patient care.

Fortunately, Candela makes it easy to maintain your medical aesthetic devices.

Candela provides preventativeand as-needed maintenance services, as well as flexible service agreements.3 These are designed to keep your equipment running at optimal performance levels so that your patients get safe, reliable, and effective medical care. These also safeguard your investment and reduce the likelihood that your clinic will experience any administrative burdens later on.

The terms of the service agreements may vary per country, but the level of quality, consistency, and reliability remains the same wherever you are.

Not just another supplier: how Candela can be a key partner for your clinic

Candela Service maintenance

Some clinics are finding that, by working with Candela, they get more than just fast and reliable expert support—they also gain a strategic partner

For instance, their partnership with Candela has given SILK Laser Clinics’4 brand an edge over competitors.

SILK, founded in 2009, is one of Australia’s largest non-surgical clinic networks, with 120 clinics across Australia and New Zealand5 offering non-surgical aesthetic services and products. Their laser hair removal services, powered by Candela devices, are the backbone of SILK’s business and represent the highest volume of services they perform. The company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange6 in December 2020.

SILK’s Managing Director and Co-Founder, Martin Perelman, and Chief Operating Officer, Rob Garsden, say there are several benefits to partnering with Candela.

First, the devices themselves are reliable and they run smoothly even for non-stop, high-volume hair removal services. This is non-negotiable for a clinic network such as SILK, which services thousands of customers a day and runs these machines hour after hour.

We need these machines to be up and running because a day without a device is thousands of dollars of lost revenue. Martin Perelman

Second, the partnership allows SILK to be seen as one of the best players in the market because they use the gold standard in medical aesthetic devices. Savvy customers in Australia even recognize the Candela brand.

We really, really depend on using the Candela name here. In fact, in Australia, customers are so savvy that they'll ask whether you use Candela lasers. If you don't, you’re a second-rate player. Rob Garsden

The partnership also lets them access insights into other markets through Candela’s global presence.

Aside from these technical and reputational gains, “...the support and partnership is second to none,” adds Rob Garsden.

This reliable service support is vital for clinics like SILK.

Says Perelman, “If a device does go down, it's important to choose a supplier that gives you support and we know that Candela has a service infrastructure in place, which means that they can get to us usually within a day. That’s really important to our business.”

And most of all, partnering with the best supplier helps SILK follow through on its mission to provide the best care for its patients.

Perelman says that, although other suppliers approach them, it’s their partnership with Candela that makes the most sense: “They have great infrastructure, support, [and] results. They will make sure your machine is reliable… [They] are the leading device for a reason, right?”

Take better care of your patients with the help of Candela’s service commitment

To build a strong brand for your clinic, choose a device manufacturer that can be more than just a supplier. Go with a company that can be a strategic partner that will help drive growth for your clinic.

With Candela’s service commitment, you can be sure that your medical aesthetic devices will be operating at peak performance every time.

Let our experts take care of your tools so that you can stay laser-focused on what really matters: caring for your patients.