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Center of Excellence

Syneron-Candela provides a complete approach to education

Energy-based medical aesthetics is a dynamic and growing field. Syneron-Candela is deeply committed to a 360° approach to education, ensuring that:

  • Medical practitioners have many opportunities to receive hands-on training, peer-led instruction and peer-led advanced training to help them get the most from their medical aesthetic devices to grow their practice and improve patient outcomes.
  • Syneron-Candela reaches out to consumers through a variety of print, broadcast, digital and online channels to introduce them to new treatment technologies and support informed conversation on treatment options with their treatment provider.

Syneron-Candela is pleased to showcase two exciting program opportunities that support physician and consumer education.

Peer-to-Peer Learning at the Heart of the Candela Centers of Excellence

In the spring of 2018, Syneron-Candela announced  the launch of its Americas Center of Excellence (COE) Program. Centers of Excellence are a network of selected physician practices that partner with Syneron-Candela to support its mission of expanding access to state of the art clinical training, best practice sharing and access to innovative technologies. 2019 will see the company continue to grow its Americas COE program and expand it globally.

Syneron-Candela has celebrated the official ribbon-cutting openings of four new centers and welcomed an additional six centers to the Center of Excellence Community. Congratulations to the following Centers of Excellence, which have met rigorous criteria to be selected for this prestigious designation.

  • Kitagawa Dermatology (Honolulu, HI)
  • Lakes Dermatology (Las Vegas, NV)
  • Lumina Med Spa (South Burlington, VT)
  • Main Line Center for Laser Surgery (Ardmore, PA)
  • Miami Dermatology and Laser Institute (Miami, FL)
  • Precision Skin Institute (Davie, FL)
  • Privet M.D. (Beverly Hills, CA)
  • Somi Javaid M.D. and Associates (Cincinnati, OH)
  • TruDerm (Plano, TX)
  • Ufirst Health & Rejuvenation (Fort Meyers, FL)

We recently spoke with two physicians about their experiences with becoming Centers of Excellence. Nancy Carlson, M.D., FACOG, heads Lumina Med Spa in Burlington, Vermont, and Lesley Clark-Loeser, M.D., FAAD, heads Precision Skin Institute in Davie, Florida.

As you become a Candela Center of Excellence, what excites you most?

Dr. Carlson: “As an OB/GYN, I work at a teaching hospital. Teaching is something I love to do, so becoming a Candela Center of Excellence allows me to bring my love of teaching to a different side of my practice. Promoting new and safe practices using energy-based devices is something that interests me deeply.”

Dr. Clark-Loeser: “I’m excited to show other physicians real-life utilization for Syneron-Candela devices and how they may fit into their practice. It’s such a benefit for a physician who is considering a Syneron-Candela device to see specifically how it might be used for a specific patient type, how it can work into their workflow and their daily clinical practice, and how to be set up for success.”

What are the benefits of partnering with Syneron-Candela?

Dr. Clark-Loeser: “Our practice feels very supported by Syneron-Candela. They have been a strong partner for us, and when we have a question about the device, they are eager to connect us with the best person to answer it. It might be another physician or an engineer on their team. I am also pleased to see the smaller, regional meetings that Syneron-Candela hosts and supports in addition to the large meetings like ACE (Aesthetic Clinical Expert) Forums and Physician Association meetings. It’s important that physicians have the opportunity to connect and share ways they are using devices – not everything can be learned through a journal publication.”

What surprised you most about your ribbon-cutting ceremony?

Dr. Carlson: “I was so proud and excited for my staff. Becoming a Center of Excellence was an incredible recognition of their hard work and dedication. I was also surprised at the number of my patients who came to the event to extend their support and excitement. They were eager to discuss procedures they’ve had with other physicians. It’s a very valuable perspective, and I enjoyed seeing these interactions.”