5 Risks to consider when buying devices from a third party

The manufacturers of medical lasers spend millions of dollars researching and innovating their products to keep them on the rapidly advancing cutting edge of technology. And they work hard to ensure that they are creating safe and effective tools for aesthetic practitioners. New laser devices can be a significant investment but cutting corners when it comes to these essential tools can result in unsatisfied clients, underperforming devices, and potential risk of failure. 

For those thinking about buying used equipment, 'don't take any chances. Certified pre-owned options are a good bet but buying used from a third party can lead to potential problems. Be sure to take into account the risks associated when dealing with a third party.

Untrustworthy sellers are out there.

When you invest in a big purchase like a car, you feel more confident in spending the money when you trust the seller. So, this should obviously be the case when buying a product on which your livelihood depends. There are too many questions if you're not familiar with the seller of a medical device. Do you trust the quality of the device? Why are they selling it? If there's an issue with the sale, who can you turn to for help? These are questions that can make a buyer uneasy from the beginning. Don't risk dealing with those who may just be looking to make a quick buck. 

You're gambling on the quality of the device.

Even if the seller appears reliable, you may not have a clear picture of how the device was previously used or how much longer it will function properly. Even devices from trusted manufacturers can have issues if they weren't maintained properly or have not been refurbished with genuine parts by a certified technician. 

Liability is a real concern.

It's clearly a headache if a used medical laser underperforms or is not up to the standards you expect. But if a patient gets hurt or negatively impacted in some way because of a faulty device, you're likely liable. Not only can that hurt you financially at the present time, but it can also do irreparable damage to your lasting reputation. That cost is one that can be difficult to overcome.

Possible future maintenance headaches.

The savings you get from purchasing a used device may end up costing you in much more in maintenance fees later. And expense isn't the only concern. Technicians may not be certified by the manufacturer to service your laser and parts might be hard to find. Added time spent fixing your device means expensive downtime.

Warranty questions.

Certified pre-owned devices generally come with a warranty backed by the manufacturer. With a pricey investment like a medical laser, peace of mind is essential. Even if a warranty is offered by an unknown third party, the terms and conditions can be cloudy.

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