Candela announces results of the largest published study of infants and children using Vbeam laser system

JAMA-Dermatology publishes Dr. Roy Geronemus' authored largest study of infants and babies receiving a non-invasive treatment (vs. surgery) for birthmarks, port wine stains and other vascular related skin conditions on the face and body using the Vbeam laser system.

WAYLAND, Mass., March 14, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Candela Corporation, a leading global medical aesthetic device company, announces today publication of the largest study of infants and babies treated with a laser for birthmarks, port wine stains and other vascular related skin conditions on the face and body. Dr. Roy Geronemus, M.D. and a world authority on the treatment of laser-based vascular anomalies at Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, treated a total of 197 infants and babies with the Vbeam laser in an office setting without the need for anesthesia or surgery. The results of these Vbeam treatments are shared in Dr. Geronemus' study publication titled "Pulsed Dye Laser Treatment of Port-Wine Stains in Infancy Without the Need for General Anesthesia." Published in the April 2019 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association-Dermatology, the study results include 26% of the patients experiencing complete clearing and 41% having greater than 75% improvement, with no cases of scarring or pigmentary change.

The ability to treat pediatric patients without invasive surgery or anesthesia presents a new therapeutic frontier, especially given FDA warnings around the potential adverse effects of using general anesthetic and sedation drugs on children younger than 3 years old.

"Because of the tolerability of the Vbeam laser, we are able to provide infants and children with treatment without having to put them under general anesthesia," said Dr. Geronemus. Addressing the developmental impact of early therapy, Dr. Geronemus adds, "Treating these skin conditions early on avoids the physical and psychological impact of having a vascular birthmark on the face and body as children develop. In some cases, patients were treated within days of being born and in many cases, we saw complete or near clearance."

The 595 nm Vbeam laser's dynamic cooling spray feature allows for maximum versatility and epidermal protection, allowing Dr. Geronemus to make this treatment safe for all pediatric patients treated. Data demonstrated that treating before the age of one-year old leads to a more complete response rate and the highest rate of clearance among any age group.

"My son Brody started his Vbeam treatments with Dr. Geronemus at seven-weeks old and after just three treatments, the birthmark on his right cheek is almost completely gone," said Brittany Schorr, mother of Brody Schorr. "People who knew he had the birthmark couldn't believe it and those who didn't know he had it will never know he did."
"We have many families that are looking to improve their child's life with these treatments that help address birthmarks or other vascular formations. My primary referral for these families is Dr. Geronemus," said Dr. Linda Rozell-Shannon, President & Founder of the Vascular Birthmarks Foundation. "There are specific parameters around using lasers on infants and children, and Dr. Geronemus not only follows the latest protocols available, but also has seen the most clearance using the Vbeam laser system for these specific cases."

The Vbeam pulsed dye laser (PDL) is considered the gold-standard for the treatment of port wine stains and vascular anomalies in infants and children, as well as adults. Candela recently introduced the Vbeam® Prima™ laser system to the market, representing the latest innovation in 30 years of clinical leadership for the Vbeam franchise.

"The introduction of the Vbeam Prima laser and our partnership with Dr. Roy Geronemus demonstrates Candela's commitment to helping change lives," said Geoffrey Crouse, Chief Executive Officer of Candela. "We are honored to have a partner like Dr. Geronemus who is utilizing Candela's innovative solutions and breakthrough technologies to help improve the overall quality of life for infants and children. We are thrilled with the published outcomes of his recent study using the Vbeam laser system."

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