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Investment protection

By upholding the Candela commitment to quality, consistency and responsiveness, Field Services can provide customers with unmatched peace of mind throughout the life of a device, help customers avoid unnecessary delays and maximize investment protection. These outcomes are possible because Candela supports customers with an industry-leading, innovative service program and exceptionally experienced, knowledgeable people.

Nobody knows Candela products better than the Candela Field Services team. Field Service Engineers deliver services and support for Candela medical devices that meet the highest standards of quality, consistency and responsiveness to deliver peace of mind for customers. Field Service Engineers are medical device specialists who receive extensive training.  This training includes didactic, diagnostic, and hands-on learning as well as testing and certification.  As a result, our FSE’s are uniquely qualified to provide support whether it's over the phone or in person. When an on-site visit is necessary, you not only get resolution, you also get a full inspection and system check of your device to ensure all specifications are met.

When an on-site visit is required, a Field Service Engineer typically responds within 24 hours of a customer's initial call to schedule the appointment. This timely approach respects customers' schedules and minimizes potential disruption caused by unscheduled visits. Candela Service Engineers are located in every state in the U.S. and serve more than 50 countries worldwide, so a Service Engineer and technical support is always close by. Each field location maintains an extensive parts inventory, which enhances the ability to complete any necessary repairs accurately and efficiently on the first call.

We are proud to say our customer Net Promoter Score® {NPS®) is
Net promoter score

When asked (on a scale of 1-10) "How likely is it that you would recommend Candela's Field Service Engineers to a friend or colleague", they answered a resounding "Yes", for their:

  • Prompt action to get service performed and completed
  • Service completed quickly and efficiently
  • Thorough communication and interaction with their Field Service Engineer


For more information about Candela field services, technical support and dispatch, call 1.800.733.8550, Option 2 or fill out the contact request form.