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What the Ydun Laser System is For

Ydun™ delivers fractional nonablative 1550 nm laser for:

  • Coagulation of soft tissue1
  • Skin resurfacing1 for treatment of textural irregularities1 
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4 key reasons to introduce Ydun into your practice:

  • Flexibility: treats a wide range of skin types, I-V 

  • Low downtime: provides an in-demand skin resurfacing treatment with low downtime

  • No expensive consumables:  minimizes overall practice costs

  • Remote assistance: enhances serviceability with wi-fi enabled smart technology

Product photo of Ydun laser system device with patented SoftCool air cooling against grey background.

Designed to help your practice work smarter.

  • Guided mode with user pre-sets for easy learning
  • Touch screen technology for selecting treatments and parameters
  • Built-in patient database stores and retrieves treatment information
  • Quiet and ergonomic operation
  • Patented SoftCool air cooling for patient comfort

Find out if the Ydun system is right for your practice.

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  2. Schallen K. Before and after photos. Candela, data on file.