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What CO2RE Is For

100+ indications cleared in 10 medical specialties, including dermatology, plastic surgery, and gynecology.1

Imagine having one system designed for numerous procedures that require excision, incision, ablation, coagulation, and resurfacing of soft tissue. It’s here. With the CO2RE® system, you can precisely target and efficiently treat the skin with control. 

  • Treat multiple skin layers in one pass
  • Perform full and fractional resurfacing
  • Enhance coagulation
  • Encourage neocollagenis
Photo of woman smiling with healthy clear skin.


Industry-first internal scanner optimized for numerous individualized treatment applications

The world's most wanted energy-based treatment2

Photo of doctor using CO2RE device to perform skin treatment to a patient in a medical clinic.


  • "One of CO 2 RE’s advantage is the handpiece, which is very easy to hold. In comparison to other fractional handpieces the CO 2 RE handpiece is thin, lightweight and easy to maneuver around the skin during treatments."
    E. Victor Ross, MD
    Dermatologist San Diego, CA
  • "We’ve been very happy with the results that we’ve seen using CO 2 RE. It has a lot of versatility and we find it works well for both fractionated ablative resurfacing as well as traditional ablative resurfacing."
    Brian Zelickson, MD
    Dermatologist Edina, MN
  • "The CO 2 RE can deliver superficial ablative treatments at variable densities, for a peel-like effect, as well as deep ablative treatments for dermal remodelling."
    Moshe Lapidoth, MD
    Dermatologist Israel
  • “For my practice, we selected the CO2RE CO2 device because it is so versatile with traditional and fractional resurfacing, which means we can treat a wide range of conditions. Adding it to our practice has been easy - it has an excellent graphic interface, as well as a small footprint - and has expanded our patient offerings.”
    Hayes B. Gladstone, MD
    Dermatologic Surgeon, San Ramon, CA.

Key Benefits of the CO2RE System

Give your patients positive experiences and outcomes.

CO2RE treatments are fast and require limited downtime. 

The system delivers proven, predictable, visible results across indications1-4, including: 

  • Enhancing skin tone and texture through skin resurfacing

  • Reducing the effects of the sun and aging on the skin

  • Smoothing out fine lines, wrinkles, and surgical and acne scars

Key Benefits of the CO2RE System

Gain unparalleled treatment flexibility that can help your practice grow.

Designed from the inside out to be a comprehensive work station:

  • CO2RE Aesthetics for skin resurfacing, from superficial to deep skin treatments, including several options and combinations tailored for your patients’ needs. 
  • CO2RE Surgical for a true, continuous wave with efficient skin coagulation after the surgical cut.
  • CO2RE® Intima for gynecology applications, enabling you to broaden your portfolio offering.

CO2RE Product Features

Icon demonstrating the light peel feature of the CO2RE skincare treatment system.


  • Light Peel
  • 20-40 µm
  • Level with Stratum Comeum
  • Complexion refresher
Icon demonstrating the epidermal and dermal resurfacing feature of the CO2RE skincare treatment system.


  • Epidermal and dermal resurfacing
  • Coagulation
  • 100-200 µm
  • Improve skin tone and texture


Icon demonstrating the deep fractional resurfacing feature of the CO2RE system.


  • Deep fractional resurfacing
  • Deeper level coagulation
  • 500-700 µm
  • Improve scars, fine lines and wrinkles
Icon demonstrating the combination of superficial and deep fractional resurfacing using the CO2RE system.


  • Combination of superficial and deep fractional resurfacing
  • Superficial texture variations
  • Fine lines and wrinkles

Before and Afters

The CO2RE system: the treatment of choice for predictable clinical outcomes.5

  • Before
    E. Victor Ross, MD
  • Before
    Alain Braun, MD
  • Before
    Alain Braun, MD
  • Before
    Dinesh Maini, MD

Enable your practice to address an array of in-demand treatments.

Icon displaying popularity of wrinkle treatments.

52 million patients

Wrinkle treatments6,7

Icon displaying popularity of skin pigmentation treatment.

15 million patients

Pigmentation treatments6,7

Icon displaying popularity of scar treatment and appearance reduction.

15 million patients

Scar treatments6,7

Ready to expand your practice’s treatment versatility and market reach?

Product Specifications

Laser Type CO2
Wavelength 10,600nm
Laser Emission Mode Pulsed
Output Power 60 watts (maximum peak)
Laser Beam Energy  Variable from 1 - 90 mJ
Pulse Repetition Rate Up to 16.7 kHz
Pulse Duration 20 - 3000 μsec
Power Stability ± 1.5 watts (±5%)
Mode Quality (M²) < 1.2
Beam Size Ø 1.8 ± 0.5 mm
Beam Divergence 7.5 ± 0.5 mrad (full angle)
Polarization  > 100:1 linear (orthogonal to mounting pads)
Maximum Scan Area 10 mm diameter
Aiming Laser 5 mW, 650 nm (red) diode laser
Articulated Arm Lightweight, aluminum fiber, 7-joint,
pneumatically balanced
Treatment radius at full arm extension:
85 cm (33.5")
Horizontal rotation: 360°
Lens Assemblies 150 μm spot size
120 μm spot size (optional)
Handpiece Multi-use or surgical hand piece
User Interface 10.4" high-resolution
Laser Emission Control Footswitch
Laser Emission Indicators Solid amber LED in Standby and Ready modes
Flashing red LED during laser emission
Electrical Requirements 100 - 240 VAC self-sensing
50/60 Hz, 7.1 A, single phase
Dimensions 40 cm x 44 cm x 177 cm
(15.75" x 17.3" x 70")
Weight 26 kg (58 lbs)


Operating Modes

Mode Energy Settings Fractional Coverage Estimated Ablation Depth
CO2RE Light 18 - 74.5 mJ 30 - 50% 20 - 40 μm
CO2RE Mid 45 - 257 mJ 20 - 40%  100 - 200 μm
CO2RE Deep 30 - 70 mJ 1 - 5%  500 - 750 μm
CO2RE Fusion 45 - 128 mJ
30 - 70 mJ
20 - 40%  100 - 200 μm &
500 - 750 μm
Classic Resurfacing 1 - 10 mJ Full 100 - 200 μm
Dermal Excision 5 - 40 mJ N/A 0.2 mm x selected line 0.2 mm freehand


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