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Reliability and safety assured

As the manufacturer, only Candela has the ability to perform worldwide service of Candela systems to identify any potential risks and safety issues and act proactively to prevent them by installing factory software upgrades (performance and safety related), performing calibrations, and ensuring your Candela system performs at its optimum operating performance levels with Candela OEM parts by Candela Field Service Engineers.

    What you get with Candela's Preventative Maintenance:

    • Verify and adjust all optical alignments (laser head, fiber optic, articulated arm)
    • Ensure all energy detection circuits are calibrated
    • Ensure all temperature control circuits are calibrated
    • Ensure that all DCD circuits are calibrated
    • Ensure that output energy delivered to patient is calibrated
    • Ensure the latest operating software is installed
    • Ensure the device meets all Candela specifications
    • Ensure proper fluid levels of water & dye (if applicable)
    • Ensure that laser is set to the proper operating wavelength (Vbeam only)
    • Install & test all delivery systems for proper operation
    • Proactive replacement of deteriorated energy output optics
    • Replacement & cleaning of all air filtration units
    • Replacement of deionized cooling water
    • Process and ship hazardous dye kit materials for proper disposal (Vbeam lasers only)

    Preventative maintenance can extend the life of your device, ensure it is maintaining optimal performance and reliability, reduce administrative burden and protect your investment, enabling the focus to remain on patient care and safety. 

    Schedule Your Preventative Maintenance
    So, are you ready to schedule your preventative maintenance appointment? Please fill out the contact us form so we can get your device scheduled.