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The demand for body shaping is strong — and getting stronger. 

Just consider these surprising statistics.

91% of women are unhappy with their bodies


of women are unhappy with their bodies2


of consumers are considering a body sculpting procedure3

£2.3+ billion STATS

£2.3+ billion globally

physicians earned from body shaping treatments in 20134

Before and Afters

Check out the results our products can do.



Ask these vital questions before you invest in any device.

Will the device yield a strong return on your investment by:

  • Delivering consistent, superior performance?
  • Reducing downtime? 
  • Providing ease of use for your staff?
  • Increasing throughput via superior speed, efficiency, and ease?
  • Expanding your treatment options for non-invasive body shaping, fat reduction, and cellulite treatments?

Ask these vital questions before you invest in any device.

Can you count on the manufacturer to:

  • Provide a highly recognized brand that will enhance your practice?
  • Demonstrate a track record of proven science, real results, and well-earned trust?
  • Deliver outstanding service and support after the sale?
  • Be your constant source for innovative, gold standard solutions? 
  • Help you stay abreast of the latest technology and industry thought leadership? 
  • Furnish robust, effective clinical training?
  • Supply patient marketing to help your practice grow?
  • Be there for you as your trusted partner, now and in the future?

Could body shaping be the next big thing for your practice?


Built on a legacy of trust. 

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