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Candela Medical proudly offers a Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) program which provides the highest quality energy-based devices at an affordable price. No matter the size or financial circumstances of your practice, Candela can help you fulfill the commitment to provide the very best for your patients.

All purchases are backed by a one-year warranty providing you with confidence that choosing Candela Certified Pre-Owned medical devices are the right decision for your patients, staff, and bottom line.

Our Certified Pre-Owned Promise:

Parts and Accessories

Candela Certified Pre-Owned includes 100% genuine Candela parts and accessories to give you both peace of mind and total confidence treatment after treatment. Genuine Candela Parts have been engineered to meet Candela’s safety, reliability and functionality standards. 

Dedicated Support

At Candela Medical our partnership does not end after your device is built, shipped, and installed. Candela Certified Pre-owned means you are supported by a dedicated team of service and support personnel and have complete access to our product and clinical education programs.

Genuine Candela Quality. 

There is a difference between purchasing a system from a 3rd party re-seller/broker and Candela.

Ask yourself the three questions below to find out the difference. 

Three questions you should ask yourself before buying to understand the difference:

Does the seller have all the details about the system offered, including make, model, serial number, and location?

You must feel confident that the device make and model you are interested in is readily available and comes with a proper, original serial number. Be certain you know the system’s location and delivery procedure. With Candela Certified Pre-Owned products, all systems offered are located in one of our facilities and available for immediate refurbishment and fast shipment.

Does the Seller know the system software level?

Operating with outdated software will not allow you to maximize the potential of your device. It may even require a substantial investment to bring the device up to the latest available software level. A Candela Certified Pre-Owned system always comes standard with the latest available software configuration.

Does the seller offer a warranty? Who will provide service?

A ‘limited’ warranty may not provide adequate coverage. You may encounter service issues that fall outside the parameters. And who will provide quick and effective service when you need it? Candela Certified Pre-Owned devices have a warranty equal to new Candela device, providing exceptional protection and assistance. Flexible and cost-effective Candela service programs are available to keep your system running at top performance for years to come.

The Candela Pre-owned experience includes 

 Candela Certified Pre-Owned 
Candela hardwareYes
Latest software level updatesYes
Original Candela parts Yes
System documentation Yes
Full set of user manuals Yes
Systems configured to Candela specifications Yes
Candela warranty conditions Yes
Customer Service Yes
Technical SupportYes
Field Support Yes
Preventative MaintenanceYes
On-going clinical education programsYes
On-going marketing programsYes

Candela CPO comes with our commitment

Service Commitment

We provide comprehensive technical support, field support, and customer care to keep your equipment up and running.

Clinical Commitment

We invest in clinical training to build your clinical confidence and provide you with access to continuous learning. 


Marketing Commitment

We continually supply a wide range of new marketing resources to help extend your practice’s reach, increase demand for your services, and attract and retain more patients. 

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