Behind The Pulse

The impact of laser design on pulse generation, delivery, and consistency.

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PicoWay laser: Consistent, single-peak, ultrashort pulse delivery

The PicoWay system is designed to deliver a single-peak, high power, short pulse duration picosecond pulse on a consistent basis. This oscilloscope view of a single PicoWay pulse shows how the PicoWay system does just that.

A research study done by Candela’s picosecond technology team, headed by Xiaoming Shang, PhD, Vice President, Laser Technology Research and Distinguished Fellow, found that not all picosecond lasers perform similarly.1

1. Data on File, Candela, 2020. PicoWay 510(k) clearances (K142372, K150326, K160607, K162454, K170579, K191685). a. Based on available 510(k) summaries as of March 2020.
PicoWay pulse
Figure 1. The PicoWay system consistently delivers high power, single-peak pulses (532 nm pulse displayed, 288ps).

Capability of generating an ultrashort pulse

The base technology used to drive the laser is an important consideration in a system’s ability to create an ultrashort pulse.

The PicoWay system is capable of generating an ultra-short pulse
Product Technology Capacity to generate ultrashort (<500 ps) pulse*
PicoWay High energy cavity seed Capable
Others Q-switched mode locking + cavity dumping Limited
Diode pumped seed Limited
High output Q-switched laser + pulse slicing module Poor

Behind the pulse resources

On-demand Webinar

Behind the pulse: Considerations for evaluating a picosecond laser

This webinar reviews important considerations in laser evaluation. Perry Tomasetti, with research done by Xiaoming Shang, PhD, explains why laser design means so much when it comes to consistent laser delivery. Watch this webinar if you are considering a picosecond system for your practice.

Clinical paper

Considerations for Evaluating Picosecond Laser Systems

Before considering a picosecond system purchase, learn about important system considerations in this must-read white paper.

Xiaoming Shang, PhD
A lead laser engineer for the PicoWay system. His years of picosecond technology experience enlighten the reader on the impact of laser design on laser consistency, pulse duration, and more.

Behind the Pulse: Exploring PicoWay Handpieces

Learn about the latest handpieces on the PicoWay system and why the shortest pulse durations make a difference in clinical effect.

Douglas Wu, MD, PhD
Cosmetic Laser Dermatology
San Diego, CA
William Kwan, MD
Kwan Dermatology
San Francisco, CA

About PicoWay

The PicoWay system is a true picosecond laser with the shortest pulse durations at available wavelengths. With full beam, multi-beam, and now with Fusion beam technology, the PicoWay system is indicated for wrinkles, acne scars, benign pigmented lesions and tattoo removal. Seven PicoWay system applicators, available in customizable configurations, allow you to select the right tools to meet your practice needs.

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PicoWay laser in skin of color

Visit our PicoWay laser Skin of Color page for information on how the PicoWay system, with it’s ultrashort pulse duration and consequent photoacoustic impact, is an ideal laser for treating skin of color.

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