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Vbeam Prima Vascular Laser Platform: First-User Feedback

Vbeam Prima Vascular Laser Platform: First-User Feedback

Following its recent CE mark, the first Vbeam Primas have arrived in Europe, the first in the UK is with leading dermatologist Dr Firas Al-Niaimi, in London, UK

Long considered the “gold standard” for Pulsed Dye Lasers (PDL), the Vbeam has provided life changing aesthetic and dermatologic benefits for millions of patients for more than 20 years and is currently used in nearly 700 university hospitals worldwide. The new Vbeam Prima builds on that legacy of success and offers advanced features that will help physicians and their patients achieve better results, and an improved treatment experience.

The new release has caused considerable excitement, but does it live up to its promise? According to Dr Firas al-Niaimi, the answer is a resounding yes. “When you ask what single feature I prefer in the new Prima, it is difficult to give a quick answer.  There are so many new features that collectively result in a better, faster and more comfortable treatment. The Perfecta energy was sufficient, but increased energy in Vbeam Prima, coupled with a larger maximum spot-size (15mm compared to 12mm) mean faster treatments. The need to calibrate the device only on first use with a wavelength means that patients do not experience any delays once treatments have started. They are more relaxed, and that makes treatments easier to perform. Having said that, ability to choose contact cooling enables me to get an effective comfortable treatment of surface pigment, and in the same treatment session I can now combine 595nm Pulsed Dye Laser with 1064nm Nd:YAG, allowing me to treat both superficial vessels and deeper vessels effectively.” 

What can you treat with Vbeam Prima?

•    Vascular Lesions•    Warts
•    Hemangiomas, Angiomas and Spider Angiomas•    Facial & Spider Veins
•    Leg Veins

•    Port Wine Stains

•    Inflammatory Acne•    Rosacea
•    Benign Pigmented Lesions•    Poikiloderma
•    Striae (Stretch Marks)•    Scars
 •    Wrinkles

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Founded in 2000, Candela has its headquarter in Wayland (Massachusetts), USA. The company markets, services and supports its products in nearly 100 countries.