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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

Live Virtual Workshop

2pm-4pm ET / 11am-1pm PT 

Hosted by Crystal Clear Digital Marketing

Small business and practice success are critical for our communities to survive and heal from this crisis with COVID-19 and the economic disruption. So, where are the opportunities in a crisis, how do you capitalize on those opportunities and how do you protect your practice throughout.

This roundtable webinar features industry influencers who will share tools, resources and plans for patient engagement, created treatment demand and created business growth opportunities to meet the needs of a changing business climate.


  • David Pataca, MSL, LSO, Executive Regional Director, Candela Medical
  • Audrey Neff, Marketing Director, Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Presenters:

  • Chase Howard, Attorney, Florida Healthcare Law Firm
  • Ilanit Samuels, Medical Director & PA-C, MCMS, Baumann Cosmetic Dermatology
  • Dr. Tali Arviv, MD, Arviv Medical Aesthetics