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Frax Pro™: The Smart Way to Frax

Frax Pro Laser Skin Resurfacing System

Fractional non-ablative laser resurfacing saw a 71% surge in market growth from 2018 to 2019.1 The growing popularity of these lasers with both patients and treatment providers speaks to their impressive results and low-downtime benefit. New to the resurfacing market is the Frax Pro laser from Candela, which offers two fractional non-ablative modalities, Frax 1550™2 and Frax 1940™3. The two applicators are available and interchangeable on both the Frax Pro laser and on the multi-application Nordlys4 system with Ellipse IPL™ and Nd:YAG 1064 nm. 

The Frax Pro system’s innovative technology provides skin resurfacing without the technical, treatment, and economic limitations of earlier systems, providing a smart way to frax. Advanced diode technology removes the rigid delivery limitations of earlier generation systems, allowing broad laser width and ease of treatment reach.5 With dual wavelengths, resurfacing can be accomplished at both deep (Frax 1550) and more shallow skin layers (Frax 1940).6 Along with intelligent roller technology, sophisticated software and patient data retrieval are incorporated into the system to optimize fractional treatments.5 Both modalities utilize a wise approach to consumables, with a minimal cost per treatment for ongoing practice savings.5
With the growing popularity of non-ablative fractional treatments, the Frax Pro system is a smart way to both accommodate the expanding patient need for non-ablative resurfacing and to manage practice expenses in an economic environment calling for a more conservative approach.
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