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Body shaping is booming. Here’s the proven way to bring it to more patients.

Offer them one of the most recognized non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today. VelaShape® III.

It’s proven to temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite and thigh circumference1 — areas that women everywhere identify as problem zones — with a deep therapeutic treatment that delivers consistent, reproducible results, with minimal downtime or discomfort.


Give your patients what they want:

  1. The assurance of proven results. With over 10 years of clinical experience, more than 5 million independent treatments, and the most published studies of any medical body shaping device, VelaShape is one of the most recognized non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today.
  2. Power and speed. VelaShape III can achieve end point temperature in less time, with up to 150 watts of radiofrequency (RF) power. That reduces the time needed for treatment. And it can reduce the number of treatment sessions by up to 75%. 
  3. Comfort. VelaShape III procedure is comfortable like hot stone massage.
  4. Convenience. The VelaShape III procedure often takes under an hour.
  5. All-season treatment. VelaShape III can be used on all skin types in any season and any climate.

Gain ROI-boosting benefits your practice needs:

  1. Entry-level body shaping. VelaShape III treatments are affordably priced, making this a great way to introduce patients to your practice’s body shaping capabilities.
  2. A potent new revenue stream. Treatments can easily be bundled into packages of four, six, eight, or more.
  3. Repeat business. The VelaShape III regimen keeps patients coming back, and every visit means more exposure to your other aesthetic offerings.
  4. Treatment versatility. With VelaShape III, you can treat a broad range of indications, ages, and skin types.
  5. Ease of use. VelaShape III’s operator-friendly design lets you delegate procedures to appropriate medical staff.

Six valuable features. One focus: your practice’s success.

Real-time temperature sensor

  • Increases patient  comfort 
  • Monitor elevated temperature in the tissue 
  • Enables a precise treatment 

Smart RF 

  • Measures patient’s impedance to ensure consistent energy delivery, reducing the number of non-responders  
  • One of the  industry’s first closed-loop RF 

Smart and powerful

  • Achieve end point temperature quickly with up to 150 W of RF energy 
  • Intelligent Feedback System™ efficiently sustains end point temperature longer, without patient discomfort,
  • Sophisticated design
  • Sleek and light profile to fit any size practice 
  • Ergonomic applicators and foot pedal accessory help to reduce operator fatigue
Before and Afters

The VelaShape III effect: look at these clinical results.


SUBHEAD Body shaping facts that could reshape your practice.

90% of women say there are things about their body they want to change or reduce2

1 in 3 say they have considered more than just dieting or exercise to get rid of their fat2

VelaShape III can help you capitalize on the body shaping boom.

Let a Candela product expert show you how to master body treatments and maximize your ROI.


Product Specifications

Radio Frequency Power Up to 150W
Infrared LEDs Up to 3.3W
Light Spectrum 850nm
Vacuum Pulsed
VContour Applicator:
Small Cover
Medium Cover
Large Cover

VSmooth Applicator 40X40mm
Weight 20kg / 44lbs
Dimensions [W x D x H] 38 x 49 x 132cm
15 x 19 x 52in
Electrical Requirements 110VAC; 5A; 50Hz; single phase
230VAC; 2.5A; 50Hz; single phase


  1. VelaShape III is FDA-cleared for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite and temporary reduction in thigh circumference.
  2. Base: Total (n=1000), Ages of 25 – 60, Leger Marketing, Company controlled sponsored market research.