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Educational webinar on the Nordlys and Vbeam laser systems

Hamish McNair


Did you miss our live educational webinar about the Nordlys and Vbeam laser systems on Thursday 28th January 2021?

Not to worry. Register here to access educational content about these devices and to listen to the recording of this webinar on vascular conditions

Sit back in the comfort of your chair and learn more on:

  • Nordlys: Extensive treatment options: Ellipse SWT, Frax 1550, Frax 1940 and Nd:YAG.
  • Vbeam: At a wavelength of 595 nm, the system provides the optimal blend of depth penetration and hemoglobin absorption for successful, clinically proven results.
  • Nordlys: Unique SWT with narrowband technology defined by dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses for exceptional skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments.