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Live Educational Webinar on "Expanding treatment options for women - CO2 laser system for Women’s Health"

June 9 | 15:00 hrs (London), 16:00 hrs (Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan)

Sign up for our upcoming live educational webinar hosted by Santiago Palacios, MD , providing you with an unique opportunity to learn how CO2RE Intima:

  • Is a quick, non-surgical, non-hormonal, in-office procedure with minimal discomfort and downtime that addresses concerns which are often considered embarrassing or taboo.
  • Effectively treats vaginal dryness and discomfort, as well as changes affecting the vaginal canal, relieving the signs of ageing.
  • Is designed to treat both the external vulva and internal area, delivering controlled energy to the tissue. This stimulates a healing response and results in remodeling of the soft tissue fibers, revitalizing the skin.

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