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Virtual Workshops

Live educational webinar on choosing the optimal wavelength for vascular treatments

Tuesday, June 30th 2020 | 15:00 PM BST (London), 16:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan)

Sign up for our upcoming live educational webinar about the Nordlys™ and Vbeam® Series on Tuesday, June 30th 2020.

This webinar is hosted by Hamish Mcnair and Jens Petersen and provides you with an unique opportunity to learn about:

  • Nordlys: Extensive treatment options: Ellipse SWT, Frax 1550, Frax 1940 and Nd:YAG.
  • Nordlys - Treat a wide range of vascular lesions with integrated SoftCool™ for greater comfort during and after treatment.
  • Vbeam - Pulsed dye laser technology refined to perfection - 595 nm advanced PDL to treat multiple vascular and dermatologic conditions.
  • Vbeam - At a wavelength of 595 nm, the system provides the optimal blend of depth penetration and hemoglobin absorption for successful, clinically proven results.
  • Vbeam - Integrated Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™) saves time, scales with fluence and provides consistent protection of the epidermis.
  • Nordlys - Unique SWT with narrowband technology defined by dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses for exceptional skin rejuvenation and vascular treatments.

The webinar is held in English and ends with a Q&A session.