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Virtual Workshops

Live Educational FAQ Webinar | Ask the Expert

Tuesday, October 13th | 17:00 PM BST (London), 18:00 PM CEST (Amsterdam, Berlin, Milan)

Sign up for our upcoming live educational webinar about the CO2RE®, Gentle Pro Series, Picoway® and Vbeam® Prima on Tuesday, October 13th.
This webinar is hosted by Firas Al-Niaimi, M.D. and provides you with an unique opportunity to learn about:
  • Gentle Pro Series®: Which skin types can you treat? What is the advantage of microsecond pulse duration?
  • The PicoWay® system: How do treatments with picosecond laser reduce acne scars?
  • The Vbeam® Prima system: Is Vbeam® the perfect vascular platform? Why Vbeam® can treat PWS effectively?
  • The CO2RE® system: How to treat darker skin types?
The webinar is held in English and ends with a Q&A session.

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