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Virtual Workshops

Gentle Versatility Master Class

Did you miss our live Master Class about the Gentle Pro™ Series system on June 1, 2021?

Not to worry. Register here to access educational content about this device and to listen to the recording of this virtual session on considered devices of choice for aesthetic professionals.

Sit back in the comfort of your chair and learn more on:

  • Our 755 nm and 1064 nm wavelength laser technology can be used for hair removal in all Fitzpatrick Skin Types.
  • The Gentle Pro™ Series lasers have been the industry gold standard for two decades. That means you can confidently perform hair removal procedures, as well as vascular and pigmented lesions treatments with consistent results and dependable epidermal protection for comfort using our distinctive Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD™).
  • Treat more patients across more indications using our combined dual wavelength system. The multiple treatment capabilities increase your return on your investment.