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Extending Your Success with Candela’s Field Service Engineers

Field Service Engineers

You made the investment, now have peace of mind knowing that your device will be operating at optimal performance. Candela is proud to support your investment with our Field Service Engineers (FSEs) as part of the Candela Service Program. Our FSEs are expertly trained on all Candela devices and readily available to support you with preventative maintenance, troubleshooting and if needed, comprehensive repairs. 

As part of your service program, our FSEs will ensure that only Candela certified parts are used with your Candela device, to safeguard your investment so that potential risks associated with third-party provider parts is avoided. They follow detailed protocols along with proprietary testing methodologies at time of service to certify that your devices are functioning at ideal performance levels. Our FSEs can offer complete on-site support as well as prioritize your needs with Candela’s extended telephone hours.

For more information about Candela Field Service Engineers, technical support and dispatch, call your local Candela location or visit


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