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Consumer Education – Building Informed Audiences in the Waiting Room

Consumar Education Dr and Patient

Today, while there is a wealth of information available to consumers about aesthetic treatments, not all of it is reliable. Physicians often spend a lot of time educating their patients on available treatments and the results their patients may expect.

As part of its ongoing commitment to consumer education, Syneron-Candela has sponsored a new patient education program that provides a complimentary patient-facing magazine with the physician’s subscription to Modern Aesthetics. The first patient-facing magazine, distributed in the January/February edition of Modern Aesthetics, will focus on educating consumers about non-invasive cosmetic treatment options.

The magazine specifically focuses on treatment options for skin, educating the consumer on the natural processes of aging, factors that contribute to wrinkling, and the impact of environmental and health factors on skin changes. Before and after photos help introduce consumers to new treatments and help them visualize the results they might expect.

The Modern Aesthetics supplement was created with input from the medical community, so it is specially tailored to support common questions and popular aesthetic services. Look for this special patient-facing supplement in the January/February edition of Modern Aesthetics or contact Syneron-Candela to order copies for your waiting room. The next patient supplement, which will be mailed with a late winter edition, will present an overview of the PicoWay system.

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