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Clinical Papers

Safety and Efficacy of UltraShape Contour I Treatments to Improve the Appearance of Body Contours: Multiple Treatments in Shorter Intervals

Reference: Ascher B. Aesthet Surg J. Aesthet Surg J. 2010 Mar;30(2):217-24. 

Study Details:

  • 25 healthy Caucasian women mean age of 38.9 years and mean BMI of 24.5
  • 3 (30-90 minute) Contour I treatments in the abdominal region at 2-week intervals with mean number of nodes across treatments 703.92 (treatment 1) to 675.48 (treatment 3)
  • Treatment area circumference, body weight, and comparison of before and after photos 
  • Untreated thigh areas served as an internal control
  • Follow-up at 84 days after the last treatment (day 112)

Study Results:

  • Average abdominal circumference reduction of −3.58 ± 0.55 cm (range, −10.00 to 1.0 cm) – above average results in Figure*
  • Majority reported no sensation or some sensation but no pain
  • No spot discoloration, dermal plexus thrombosis, or local inflammatory response and no adverse events