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Clinical Papers

Non-Thermal Pulsed Ultrasound Treatment for the Reduction in Abdominal Fat: A Pilot Study

Reference: Velez MW, Ibrahim O, Petrell K, Dover JS. J Clin Aesthet Dermatol. 2018;11(9):32–36.

Study Details:

  • 10 female subjects with mean age 52 years (range 39-60), Fitzpatrick Skin Types I–IV and body mass index 24 (range 22–29)
  • 3 biweekly UltraShape treatments with U-Sculpt or VDF transducer in single-pass mode to abdomen with mean focal treatment zones (FTZ) of 8.3 (range 6 to 10)
  • Skin caliper and ultrasound measurements post-treatment compared to baseline

Study Results:

  • Little or no discomfort, mean pain level of 0.3 (Tx 1), 0.4 (Tx 2) and score of 0 for all subjects with Tx 3 (scale of 0=no pain to 10) 
  • Ultrasound imaging of the targeted fat layer decreased significantly by 13%, 16%, and 13% at follow-ups, respectively
  • Fat layer as performed by skin calipers decreased by 12%, 10%, and 13% at follow-ups, respectively
  • All subjects noted improvement at the final follow-up
  • No immediate skin response following treatment
  • No adverse events