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We understand that paying for equipment upfront is not feasible for many small business owners. To ensure access to the products you need at a price that works with your budget, we have partnered with Standard Capital Corporation to make financing available to you.

Financing option

Offered by Standard Capital Corporation
One easy pre-qualification process to find the best financing option for you. Pre-qualify without affecting your credit score.

0% Financing for 90-Days

  • 3 equal payments.
  • Fixed monthly payments required for 3 months.
  • Start up fee of $99.

6-Month Program

  • 10% down and 6 equal payments required for 6 months.
  • Start up fee of $99.

12-Month Program

  • 10% down and 12 equal payments for 12 months, or more.
  • Start up fee of $99.

24-Month and 36-Month

  • Financing available at low interest
  • $0 start up fee

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Simple approval process

  1. Select your desired Exceed microneedling device bundle on the Exceed Online Shop.
  2. Choose financing and complete a short, simple online application from Standard Capitol Corporation with the cost of your desired Exceed device bundle.
  3. Receive approval with 4-24 hours from the financing company.
  4. Select your terms and sign the documents electronically to get funding for your loan.
  5. Your local Candela representative will then personally reach out to coordinate your Exceed device bundle and we will ship out your equipment.

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our financing program. Call us at 800.733.8550, option 3 or contact us to get a call back.

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