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Vascular lesions affect a vast number of patients in Australia

If your market is anything like the rest of the country, it’s likely that many of your current and potential patients have some form of vascular imperfection.

An estimated 1 in 10

people have rosacea1


laser treatments of leg veins performed in 2017

Up to 80%

of women will have some form of venous disease by age 806

Before and Afters

Seeing is believing: Look at these clinical results.


  • Before
    Fine Lines Cosmetic Center
  • Before
    Cyrus Chess, MD
  • Before
    Guillermo Simón, MD
  • Before
    Ellipse Denmark


Ask these vital questions before you invest in any device.

Will the device yield a strong return on your investment by:

  • Delivering consistent, superior performance? 
  • Enabling you to treat a broad range of skin types? 
  • Offering treatment versatility across many different types of vascular lesions, as well as numerous non-vascular indications? 
  • Maximising the number of spot sizes you can treat? 
  • Providing a comfortable treatment for your patients? 
  • Enhancing productivity with a user-friendly, intuitive interface?

Ask these vital questions before you invest in any device.


Can you count on the manufacturer to:

  • Provide a highly recognised brand that will enhance your practice?
  • Demonstrate a track record of proven science, real results, and well-earned trust?
  • Deliver outstanding service and support by highly trained technicians?
  • Be your constant source for innovative, gold standard solutions? 
  • Help you stay ahead of the latest technology and industry thought leadership? 
  • Furnish robust, effective, on-site clinical training?
  • Supply patient-friendly marketing materials to help your practice grow?
  • Be there for you as your trusted partner, now and in the future?
  • "In my laser practice, there isn't a day that goes by where I don't use Vbeam. It's really a workhorse laser at our practice."
    Brian Zelickson, MD
    Dermatologist Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • "With the Vbeam Perfecta, a clinician can also address many pigmented lesions in addition to vascular concerns. Having the ability to treat both vascular and pigmentary changes makes it a versatile instrument."
    Jerome Garden, MD
    Dermatologist Chicago, Illinois
  • “The CoolTouch CTEV Automated Pullback feature produces a uniform closing of the vein that improves my patient’s results, especially with larger more complex vein procedures.”
    Cynthia Asbjornsen, DO, FACPh
    Vein Healthcare Center Maine Phlebology Association Founder
  • "The CoolTouch system has given our patients the best results after the initial treatment, with one year follow-up by ultrasound and clinical exam confirming more than a 99% success of treatment. Given all the parameters, the CoolTouch 1320nm laser remains unquestionably the best on the market for treating patients with saphenous vein insufficiency."
    John R. Kingsley, MD
    Alabama Vascular & Vein Center Vestavia Hills, AL
  • "The CoolTouch laser has enabled me to give my patients the most comfortable and successful endovenous treatment on the market today."
    Margaret O'Byrne, MD
    The Vein Clinic of San Diego, CA
  • "The combination of duplex ultrasound imaging and endovenous therpay has revolutionized my 26 year outpatient phlebology practice. After exciting early presentations, I embraced endovenous laser in 2000. When the 1320 wavelength becaome available, I sensed that its water target was an advance. Since 2004, this had proven to be the case. My patients could not be more satisfied."
    Mark Forrestal, MD
    Northwest Vein Care Arlington Heights, IL
  • "The CoolTouch CTEV Automated Pullback feature produces a uniforn closing of the vein that improves my patient's results, especially with larger more complex vein procedures."
    Cindy Asbjornsen, MD
    Advanced Vein Center Portland, ME
  • "CoolTouch has given us the confidence to be able to offer our patients the very best. We have compared CoolTouch to its number one competitor in a clinical comparison, and now use CoolTouch exclusively. We have treated thousands of patients and are proud of the fact that we can offer comfortable, predictable, safe and successful treatments."
    Charles Mok, DO
    Allure Medical Spa Shelby Township, MI

Can laser vein treatments lift your practice’s revenues?


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