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Nordlys™: A Foundational Platform for Your Practice

Don’t miss this informative webinar with E. Victor Ross, MD about his experience with the Nordlys system. Nordlys includes 3 foundational technologies: Ellipse IPL, Frax 1550, and Nd:Yag 1064. The benefits of narrowband IPL with dual filters and sub-millisecond pulses will be examined. Dr. Ross will discuss results of his published clinical study with the Frax 1550 along with personal insights on maximizing treatment success.


Picosecond Technology: Discovering the Facts and Debunking Opinions

Educate yourself about PicoWay and Picosecond Technology and watch this on demand webinar. Ofir Artzi, MD, Director of Aesthetic Dermatology at the Sourasky Medical Center, will:

- Provide you with a timeline view of laser technology.
- Refute myths & debunk opinions.
- Share his experience with the PicoWay system in his clinic.