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Dear Valued Partner,

Please be notified that Syneron-Candela is discontinuing the production and distribution of the full line of elure products ( , as outlined in the table below. Please note that this discontinuation is not, in any way, a result of any concern regarding the safety or performance of these products.

The purpose of this notification by Syneron-Candela is to assist your planning for last time purchases of these products. We have limited inventory quantities; therefore, the items will be provided based on stock availability.



End of General Availability


Last Time Order

Advanced Facial Wash

This notification

March 31, 2018

Advanced Brightening Lotion

This notification

March 31, 2018

Advanced Brightening Night Cream

This notification

March 31, 2018


Furthermore, please note that the products will be removed from the eStore:




elure Advanced Lotion - Single item


elure Advanced Lightening Lotion - Single item


elure Advanced Night Cream - Single item


Brochure - elure



Definitions used in the Table above:

  1. EGA = End of General Availability Notification date which announces the Last Time Order.
  2. LTO = Last Time Order date. Last date to order the product and subject to stock availability. Orders are non-cancelable, non-refundable. The product is no longer for sale after this date.


If you have questions about our products, please contact your Syneron-Candela account representative.

We value your loyalty and commitment to Syneron-Candela and are dedicated to partnering with you to provide the best product solutions for your customers.